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Kris' Room

A 3x3m room. The room is a replica of  Kris’ bedroom , she finds "beauty" in her room, her own territory and comfort. Kristen Pelleboer was born in 1968, three months prematurely, her lung weren’t very well develop, in order to stay alive she needs 100% oxygen, and oxygen caused eye damage and scar tissue in her eyes, this to be the cause of her blindness.

Entering the room the visitors’ body is surrounded by the darkness. With no visibility at all, accordingly, the work demands their singular, intense attention. Our sense of orientation is challenged and the coordinates of our spaces, I employ the space, smells, textures, shapes and sounds to test how physical movement and the interaction of body and brain influence our perception of the surroundings. While the visitors immediately are lost in the space, on the other, the use of other senses other than sight will rise.

The central idea is to get the visitors to examine the conditions of our perceptions through individual experience. This enables them to reassess their concepts of what it means to be and act in the blind's world. The idea of letting people voyage in the room is also to make visitors part of the art.​

Category / 

Interactive Installation.


Role / 

Research, Art Director,

Concept Development,

Art Installation.


Team / 

Kristen Pelleboer.


Year / 


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